About Us

Bigwhale sports is one of Uganda’s fastest growing online sports hubs. We cover and relay stories in the various sports categories as they happen within the geographical boundaries of the country and also report about our very own athletes plying their trade in the diaspora.

We rely on a highly motivated, passionate, energetic, knowledgeable and experienced human resource to bring you your favourite sports stories in a well composed and beautifully packaged manner that maintains the actual thrill of the event.

Because we are deeply in love with sports, we are ambassadors of growth of the industry. We do this through sponsorships such as providing sports equipment among other initiatives.

Our vision is to give our athletes visibility and recognition of the efforts they put into the different sports because we believe it’s largely the reason they’re in it.

Our mission is to promote the sports industry to a level where it’s commercially viable attracting the best of talent from within and outside our borders. We believe that our efforts together with other initiatives have the potential of promoting the industry to a level where it can compete as the country’s leading sector in entertainment. And that’s what we’re driving towards.F