Bad black may lose Sky West

Bad black may lose Sky West

One of Uganda’s top slay Queens Shanita Namuyibwa commonly known as Bad Black is in shock as she may be facing another relationship breakup following what has reached Bigwhale entertainment company. This is comes following lots of critisism to her 24 year old muscular bonker, Sky West for being the wife of Black and he (Sky West) has since developed a feeling of wanting to quit his relationship with already pregnant Bad Black and fly to the USA to hook up with a Ugandan lady boss

According to reliable sources, Sky West has reached out to Mimi a rich girl based in the USA to help him process papers to settle in the USA.

Further more, Sky West is ever inboxing Mimi in messenger and Watsapp, something that has caused uncertainty.

More about Mimi, she is Ugandan business woman known for her extravagant spending in the Donald Trump land and whenever she returns to Uganda.

However, Mimi is very amazed on how Sky West would think of leaving a soon expecting Bad Black and start crying and also begging her to help process invitations for him.

We shall keep you posted in case of any developments about this story.

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