Tebandeke poses for a photo with kamwokya youngsters

Tucheze International donates balls to Youth at Kamwokya

Tucheze International donates balls to Youth at Kamwokya

International organisation Tucheze donated soccer balls to the youths who train at Kamwokya Police football grounds on Tuesday morning through it’s member Godfrey Tebandeke in a meeting organised by Uganda Cranes star Savio Kabugo who was also raised from the same grounds. 
Godfrey Tebandeke who is based in Germany but currently in Uganda for Charity work and is also young brother to former Uganda Cranes and SC.Villa deadly forward Charles Kayemba (RIP) believes a lot of youths will benefit from this organisation even when they retire from football.

Tucheze International is just a name we chose because ‘trikots’ for Uganda wasn’t an appealing word. Tucheze is in swahili which is international. We are basically just continuing what my dad and my elder late bro Charles Kayemba and I used to do.  We have however  added life skills, vocational training, teaching modern farming techniques and mental health to it. For mental health for example, people like Andrew Mukasa, had they received the right care and treatment like the one I got, they would have also been leading normal active and productive lives. That’s it in short. And of course Tucheze International’s unique and iconic way of doing things is the fact that we equip all sports clubs not just football (though mainly), schools, NGOs, local councils first division soccer clubs etc. Germany, Holland, Uganda are the main  three countries where we are active now, but always ready to welcome partnership from  more countries or groups. Most important is that Tucheze International is a “Sports For Development” Registered in the Netherlands and bound by Dutch and international law. In Short its the whole act of helping others thru sports that has always run in Tebandeke’s family. It’s not really new. Only the name and registration and  such large a scale on which it operates now” he said.

Tebandeke under Tucheze aims at preparing the youth’s lives after football.

TUCHEZE INTERNATIONAL is also trying to prepare sporting  youth for life after active sport. I am a good example. After failing to make it as a European based top level footballer, I am training as as plumber in England. These are some of the skills I use to earn a living and support my family, relatives and I am  even still  Tucheze International’s biggest donor in financial terms. he added.
Tebandeke also acknowledged the great giving heart of Savio Kabugo back to the society and encouraged the youth never to forget where they came from. 

Savio earns his living as a locally based sports man and he regularly returns to his local communities to pass on his skills to the juniors. The sporting communities have also benefited from Savio Kabugo’s generosity as he is one of the many youth who regularly return with sporting gifts eg balls and boots to donate to the youth”.

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