Uganda Kickboxing Federation confirms date for Elective Congress

Uganda Kickboxing Federation confirms date for Elective Congress

Uganda Kickboxing Federation has come out to confirm that they will hold an Elective Congress early this December. The development has come in after a one year as administrative wrangles put the federation before court.

Nakawa magistrates court lit a green flash to the federation on the 29th of September 2020 dissmissing case by Malik Kariisa’s faction against Patrick Luyooza and Maj. Richard Mpangire.

Just a day after, Uganda Kickboxing Federation (UKF) released invitations to fully paid up and active members to an elective congress to be held on 5th December 2020.

The Election congress is scheduled for 5th December 2020 at Hyde Park situated in Soroti city starting at 11:00am.

Pursuant to article 11, 12 of Uganda kickboxing federation constitution, ”we the members hereby invite you to send two registered delegates to represent your club to the extraordinary general assembly.”

It should be noted that a list of substantive elected delegates is already available at both the UKF secretariat and National Council of Sports.

“No new names shall be introduced without the due constitutional process of electing delegates to the assembly.” the circular partially quotes.

It should be remembered that the elections were to be held in February 2020. However, they were paused by court.

On 5th December 2020, the agenda shall hold four major activities which include; •election of leaders of all elective positions
•constitutional review and amendments
•approval of budget
•ratification of new national administration structures created for the growth of the sport.

Patrick Luyooza has been the interim president of the federation since 2018 replacing the late Hassan Ssekirime immediately after his death.

After the death of the then Uganda Kickboxing federation president late Hassan Ssekirime, an extra general meeting appointed an interim committee to run the Federation up to end of Ssekirime’s term which was meant to be in February 2020.

This Committee include Patrick Luyooza (President), Maj. Richard Mpangire who doubled as the general secretary and vice president as other positions remained vacant.
Later on, the interim president Patrick Luyooza appointed Sadat Yiga (organizing secretary), Wandela Mugoya (publicity secretary) and Kalid Tamale.

However, greed for material wealth and power broke out at the end of 2019 as Sadat Yiga, Wandela Mugoya and Kalid Tamale formed a faction to team up with Malik Kariisa and other professional kickboxers against Luyooza’s leadership.g

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